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Leader Coaching

Leader Coaching

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It's time to bring out the best in you as a leader or leadership team. We believe that good leaders are authentic, accountable, have integrity, and build trust. These are the four principles of our leadership model. High-performing and resilient teams all share these principles.

We tailor our leadership coaching to your individual and organisational needs to hit the mark. Our reach and reputation stretch internationally. We are known for making a difference.

"I have been fortunate to have attended several of these leadership coaching hui. The sessions are a breath of fresh air compared to the usual leadership courses. The coach established an open, honest, safe environment where we could engage in conversation, let go of reservations, and learn from the group's shared experience. The coach facilitated extracted experiences from the group, explored how others have reacted in similar situations and started discussions. I left the session contemplative, energised, refreshed and focused - and a better leader." Ilaisa Nacewa - Service Delivery Manager: COVID Vaccination

For Individuals

Individual Leader coaching is a good choice for those after a personalised development plan, and we do a 360 assessment to get a holistic view of your leadership journey. We run the sessions virtually or in person, and the duration and cadence of sessions depend on your need. Typically, a leader coaching journey is about 6 hours in total.

We have coached leaders worldwide and empowered many leaders at all levels to make better leadership decisions. Click the "Contact Us" button below to discuss individual leadership coaching for you or someone else.

"I feel incredibly lucky to have crossed paths with Monre and experienced his special style of facilitation. Monre has an ability to make people feel extremely comfortable in a short space of time and provides content that makes you genuinely reflect on your practices, not only as a leader, but as a person. Monre's sessions are particularly powerful when you get to participate with members of your immediate team and my own team, during the response to Covid-19 has certainly benefitted from Monre's support in bringing us together." Stacey Ayre - Service Delivery Manager

For Teams

Some major principles of a high-performing team are trust, peer accountability, transparency and agreement. Because of this, teams don't just happen by themselves and need some work to get team members to work together well. Relationships between team members that initially work together well may deteriorate due to ongoing structural changes and work pressures.

Aggreg8 leader coaching is about establishing or restoring high levels of trust and peer accountability in teams. Our coaching methodology allows for authentic conversations, deeper self- and team awareness, and understanding of the prohibiters of top performance.

"I found the coaching sessions highly interactive and thought-provoking. I recommend this leadership learning to anyone who wants to develop knowledge and self-awareness. I received tangible and relatable case scenarios that are powerful and applicable to multiple ranges of audiences. I also felt that everyone was acknowledged, respected, and heard within the group. Everyone leaves his sessions feeling safe, empowered, and fully recharged in their own ability to create positive changes within themselves. " Aarti Prasad - People Leader: Family and Sexual Harm

What we offer

Building Resilience

1 Day workshop suggested

Empowering leaders to remain grounded to improve resilience.

Virtual Classroom Teams Individuals

Leadership Mediation

Time relative to complexity

Working to resolve complex leadership team dynamics

Virtual Classroom Teams Individuals

Leading high-performing virtual teams

1 day workshop suggested

Supporting leaders to create processes to ensure high-performance output in teams working virtually.

Virtual Classroom Teams Individuals

Creating a coaching culture

1 day workshop suggested

Support leaders to create cadence in ongoing coaching of teams and individuals.

Virtual Classroom Teams Individuals

Data-driven leadership

1 day workshop suggested

Enabling leaders to make decisions based on insights from data. Leaders learn to question data integrity, find insights and align performance to organisational metrics.

Virtual Classroom Teams Individuals
"The Leadership Boosters and Coaching Sessions have been extremely useful and interesting in enhancing my leadership style and skills. The facilitator draws out the best in people and presents the material with expertise, humour, and genuineness. He connects with the class and builds on their strengths and knowledge through learning techniques, coaching tips, and leadership skills. " Philippa May - People Leader: Health Services

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