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Leader Coaching

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It's time to bring out the best in you as a leader or leadership team. We believe that good leaders are authentic, accountable, have integrity, and build trust. These are the four principles of our leadership model. High-performing and resilient teams all share these principles.

We tailor our leadership coaching to your individual and organisational needs to hit the mark. Our reach and reputation stretch internationally. We are known for making a difference.

"I found the leadership coaching super helpful. The leadership guidance helped develop my team's culture and my leadership resilience which was awesome. It supported my awareness of how my personality type fits within my leadership role and how to use that to my advantage here at Whakarongorau. You were also instrumental in aligning our leadership to common organisational goals through great change and challenging times. You acted as a great feedback loop between us People Leaders and the organisation, which was always appreciated." Gary Thompson - People Leader: Mental Health and Addictions

For Individuals

Individual Leader coaching is a good choice for those after a personalised development plan, and we do a 360 assessment to get a holistic view of your leadership journey. We run the sessions virtually or in person, and the duration and cadence of sessions depend on your need. Typically, a leader coaching journey is about 6 hours in total.

We have coached leaders worldwide and empowered many leaders at all levels to make better leadership decisions. Click the "Contact Us" button below to discuss individual leadership coaching for you or someone else.

"I've enjoyed the leadership coaching so much! As a leader, we are under a lot of stress and pressure, and attending the learning was refreshing and insightful! The coach facilitated openly and authentically, which put us all at ease. It allowed me to be open about my vulnerabilities as a leader. Thank you for a great session." Tai Tolua - People Leader: Mental Health and Addictions

For Teams

Some major principles of a high-performing team are trust, peer accountability, transparency and agreement. Because of this, teams don't just happen by themselves and need some work to get team members to work together well. Relationships between team members that initially work together well may deteriorate due to ongoing structural changes and work pressures.

Aggreg8 leader coaching is about establishing or restoring high levels of trust and peer accountability in teams. Our coaching methodology allows for authentic conversations, deeper self- and team awareness, and understanding of the prohibiters of top performance.

"I have had the pleasure of attending many of these Leadership coaching sessions. I have found the sessions beneficial as they make you think and reflect about yourself, the way you work and the way you would react or be proactive. Sometimes sessions are challenging and require vulnerability, which is needed to break down barriers. Through this process, I allowed myself to feel and actively listen to others who are being vulnerable and sharing with me. I learned how each other thinks and what their passions are." Paulette Taylor - People Leader: Nursing

What we offer

Building Resilience

1 Day workshop suggested

Empowering leaders to remain grounded to improve resilience.

Virtual Classroom Teams Individuals

Leadership Mediation

Time relative to complexity

Working to resolve complex leadership team dynamics

Virtual Classroom Teams Individuals

Leading high-performing virtual teams

1 day workshop suggested

Supporting leaders to create processes to ensure high-performance output in teams working virtually.

Virtual Classroom Teams Individuals

Creating a coaching culture

1 day workshop suggested

Support leaders to create cadence in ongoing coaching of teams and individuals.

Virtual Classroom Teams Individuals

Data-driven leadership

1 day workshop suggested

Enabling leaders to make decisions based on insights from data. Leaders learn to question data integrity, find insights and align performance to organisational metrics.

Virtual Classroom Teams Individuals
"I've attended leadership development workshops facilitated by Monre over the last four years. His workshops are engaging, relevant, insightful, and fun and I gained valuable insights from them. I found the workshops useful in my Service Delivery Manager role. Stepping away from the BAU to reflect and develop self-awareness of my leadership style meant that I returned to my role with more energy, focus, and new skills. The leadership coaching creates a safe and positive space to learn and develop as a leader, and I'd recommend this to all leaders, experienced or new. " Dylan Norton - Service Delivery Manager: Mental Health and Addictions

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